Composed of Eros & of Dust — Xu Zhangrun Goes Shopping

Viral Alarm *** The title of the following essay by Xu Zhangrun, formerly a professor of law at Tsinghua University whose ongoing persecution has featured in China Heritage since 2018 (for details, see The Xu Zhangrun Archive) is taken from a well-known ci-lyric poem dating from the Song dynasty (960-1279 CE).… Read

China’s Virus of Lies in 2020

Viral Alarm The following material is reprinted from China Digital Times 中国数字时代 with the kind permission of Samuel Wade, the deputy editor. This is a chapter in Viral Alarm: China Heritage Annual 2020.… Read

Chen Qiushi’s Gift of the Gab

Viral Alarm The lawyer Chen Qiushi (陳秋實, 1985-) was one of the autonomous citizen-journalists who attempted to report on the outbreak of ‘Wuhan Flu’ 武汉肺炎 (武肺) — later known as ‘Corona Virus’ 新冠病毒 or Covid-19 — in February 2020.… Read

Ho-ho Holiday — Lil Nas X & New Sinology

Viral In February 2020, Professor Xu Zhangrun released ‘Viral Alarm — When Fury Overcomes Fear’, and we have taken ‘Viral Alarm’ as the theme of the 2020 China Heritage Annual. a series of essays, translations and meditations.… Read