How Dare You Hong Kong People Resist!

Hong Kong Apostasy   Kitty Hung (洪曉嫻, 1989-) is an educator and writer. During her undergraduate years with the Department of Cultural and Religious Studies at Hong Kong Chinese University she was active both in the university’s Tolo Poetry Society 吐露詩社 and the student newspaper.… Read

Like Water, Boiling Water

Hong Kong Apostasy   Canny Leung Chi-Shan (梁芷珊, 1968-) is a well-known Hong Kong businesswoman, investor, songwriter, author and philanthropist. She is the CEO of Maxi House 萬事屋 as well as being a board member of the Hong Kong Football Association.… Read

The Nobility of Failure

Hong Kong Apostasy   A journalist from Apple Daily 蘋果日報, a leading independent media outlet in Hong Kong and Taiwan, uses the ancient expression 英雄遲暮 yīng xióng chí mù ‘heroic twilight’ to describe the celebrated and prolific novelist, screen writer essayist and commentator Ni Kuang (倪匡, 1935-), who is also known as Ngai Hong.… Read