Hong Kong & 講耶穌 gong2 je4 sou1

Hong Kong Apostasy   The Cantonese expression 講耶穌 gong2 je4 sou1, literally ‘to give a sermon about Jesus’, or ‘to be preachy’, generally means to prattle, or to speak in a boring and vacuous fashion.… Read

Geng Xiaonan, Ren Zhiqiang & China’s Refuseniks

Viral Alarm   Over the years we have all too frequently had reason to quote a famous observation by Sima Qian 司馬遷, the Grand Historian of the Han dynasty: The refusal of one decent man
outweighs the acquiescence of the multitude.… Read

‘Geng Mulan’ — reading a poem for a hero

Viral Alarm   The following poem was composed by Li Xueyuan, a calligrapher based in Wuhan, Hubei province. It started circulating online in the early hours of Saturday, the 19th of September, a week after the Beijing police had announced that Geng Xiaonan and her husband Qin Zhen had been taken into custody and were being questioned in relation to what they called ‘illegal business activities’.… Read