The View from Maple Bridge — Ah, Humanity!

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Chapter XXIV, Part One 楓橋   Each year in China bristles with anniversaries that mark important historical events. Every year is one of some significance and 2023 is no different.… Read

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Appendix XXXIV 水中撈月   The 28th January 2023 marks the Seventh Day of the First Lunar Month of the guimao Year of the Rabbit. In China, ‘The Seventh of the First’ 正月初七 is celebrated as ‘The Festival of Humanity’ 人日節 rén rì jié.… Read

A Cultural Apéritif at M on the Bund

The Other China   In March 2003, the World Health Organisation issued a ‘global health alert’, followed by an emergency travel advisory, as news broke of the emergence of an atypical and severe form of pneumonia.… Read

Rabbiting on with Lao Shu

The Other China   Lao Shu is the nom de plume of Liu Shuyong (劉樹勇, 1962-), a Beijing-based artist, writer, critic and professor in communications. His artistic voice is unique and personal, its tenor, whimsy and profundity evoke what for decades we have called ‘The Other China’ — a cultural noosphere that is as undeniably local as it is universal.… Read

A Protection Mantra for the Year of the Rabbit

The Other China   Chinese cyber authorities have announced an internet censorship crackdown to ensure there are no “gloomy sentiments” caused by pandemic “rumours” during the lunar new year festival. … The month-long “Spring Festival online improvement” program will target those spreading what authorities deem to be “rumours” about the spread of Covid and patient experiences.… Read