Xi Xi in the Bamboo Grove

Here we introduce two more figures in The Teddy Bear Chronicles 縫熊誌, created by the Hong Kong writer and teddy bear artist Xi Xi 西西, and translated by Christina Sanderson. The teddies and essay below feature Xi Kang 嵇康 and Ruan Xian 阮咸, two of the famed Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove 竹林七賢.… Read

China’s State of Warring Styles

In modern China (as in so many other countries), changing fashions have reflected the shifting political and cultural landscape of the country. The success of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution not only saw the abdication of the last Chinese emperor, it also ushered in the Zhongshan Suit 中山裝 (known in the international media as the Mao Jacket) designed for the revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhongshan), an item of clothing replete with revolutionary symbolism.… Read

China Heritage Annual Launched

Flourish and Decay, from a paired couplet on a pillar at the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Museum, Nanjing. Photograph by Lois Conner. China Heritage Annual is a new series produced by China Heritage, the online home of The Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology 白水書院.… Read