Resistance and the Ethical China Watcher

Watching China Watching (XXVII)   In The Battle Behind the Front (China Heritage, 25 September 2017), we noted: Through canny political alliances, tireless ingratiation with business groups and social elites, as well as by means of its cloying cooptation of cultural figures and student activists, the cadres working the United Frontier remain constantly vigilant, and forever combat-ready.… Read

A Rake’s Progress

‘Master Wei’ 韋公子 — ‘A Rake’s Progress’ — translated by John Minford from Pu Songling’s (蒲松齡, 1640-1715) Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio 聊齋誌異 is the latest addition to Nouvelle Chinoiserie 奇趣漢學 and Wairarapa Readings 白水札記 in China Heritage.… Read

事兒狗福狸 — Bad Dog!

Dog Days (VII)   On 16 February 2018, the First Day of the First Month of the Chinese Lunar Wuxu Year of the Dog 戊戌狗年正月初一, China Heritage launched a series of Dog Days.… Read

Something In The Air

Watching China Watching (XXV)   On 26 August 2016, Zhang Peili: From Painting to Video, an exhibition of the video art of the Hangzhou-based artist Zhang Peili 张培力 opened in the gallery of the Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW).… Read