China 1976: An Ambassador’s Advice

Watching China Watching (IX) Stephen FitzGerald, more than many Australians involved with China over the years, is particularly aware of the unsteady history of Australia’s dealings with Asia since the nineteenth century.… Read

Assignment: China

Watching China Watching (VIII) Assignment: China is part of the multimedia work undertaken by The U.S.-China Institute of the University of Southern California. Conceived of by Clayton Dube this extraordinary series of documentary films on reporting on twentieth, and twenty-first century, China was directed by Mike Chinoy, a former CNN Asia correspondent and a Senior Fellow at The USC U.S.-China Institute.… Read

White Paper, Red Menace

Watching China Watching (VII) In 1949, the civil war on mainland China entered its final phase. The People’s Liberation Army under the command of the Communist Party was on the march to overthrow the Republic of China under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek and his Nationalist Party.… Read

Diplomats, Scholars, Adventurers

Watching China Watching (VI) William Sima’s China & ANU — diplomats, adventurers, scholars published in late 2015 (and available for free download) is a study of Australia’s national awakening to, and continued anxieties  about, Asia (once called the ‘Near North’) more generally and in regard to China in particular.… Read