‘A Sunflower Glaring at the Sun’ — on Geng Xiaonan being formally arrested

Viral Alarm   On 19 October 2020, legal counsel acting on behalf of Geng Xiaonan and her husband, Qin Zhen, publishers who had been detained by the Beijing authorities on 9 September 2020 on suspicion of ‘illicit business practices’, was formally notified that, following a preliminary investigation, his clients had now been officially arrested and would, in the fulness of time, be arraigned in court.… Read

Geng Xiaonan & the Siege of Beijing

Viral Alarm   On 8 October 2020, we reprinted an account of the one hundred days since the National Security Law was imposed on Hong Kong, from 1 July 2020, compiled by Katja Drinhausen of the Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies (MERICS) (see: The Siege of Hong Kong — The First Hundred Days of the National Security Law.) On the Mainland of the People’s Republic of China, men and women of conscience have been under siege, to a greater or lesser extent, since 1949.… Read

The Siege of Hong Kong — The First Hundred Days of the National Security Law

Hong Kong Apostasy     In Viral Alarm: China Heritage Annual 2020 we have previously remarked on the unsettling echo that can readily be detected between the xenophobic extremism of late-dynastic Qing politics and recent developments in the People’s Republic of China occasioned by the 2019-2020 coronavirus epidemic.… Read