Teachers, mentors, influences populate the lives and work of the members of The Wairarapa Academy. Below we offer an overview of key figures and groups in our intellectual firmament and provide online access to some of their work.

Mentors (in alphabetical order)

On a personal note, apart from members of The Layabouts Lodge 二流堂, I also remember here friends in Hong Kong and Beijing who guided my fifteen-year career as a Chinese writer. They are: Yeung Lai-kwan 楊莉君; Ng Sing-fun 吳承歡; Lee Yee 李怡; Luo Fu 羅浮; Pan Jijiong 潘際迥; and, Fan Yong 范用. — GRB


  • James Legge
  • Herbert Giles
  • Arthur Waley
  • Ezra Pound
  • Lin Shu 林紓
  • Yen Fu 嚴復


  • Etienne Balázs
  • Paul Demiéville
  • Frederick W Mote
  • Endymion Wilkinson
  • Mark Elliott


  • Lin Yutang 林語堂
  • Feng Zikai 豐子愷
  • Bo Yang 柏楊