Speaking Up for a Man Who Dared to Speak Out

Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University
Voices of Protest & Resistance (V)


Petitioning is common enough in every country.
It doesn’t necessarily end in death —
except, of course, in China.

Lu Xun, 10 April 1926

trans. in New Ghosts, Old Dreams
Barmé and Linda Jaivin, eds, 1992


On 31 March 2019, an Open Letter and Petition to the president of Tsinghua University in Beijing bearing an initial 137 signatures from present or former academics and students from Tsinghua and 94 signatures from others throughout China was published online. Below we offer a translation of that petition followed by the original text and a preliminary list of signatories.


At a moment of public concern and outrage over the fate of Professor Xu Zhangrun 許章潤 and other academics in China, we would recall that administrators at Tsinghua University played a key role in the high-education Thought Re-education Campaign in the early 1950s which devastated China’s intellectual and pedagogical worlds. It was also at the forefront of the rabble-rousing zealotry, as well as the bloody violence, of the Cultural Revolution.

Although the contemporary university touts itself as something of a modern-day incarnation of Chen Yinque’s praise for ‘A Spirit Independent and a Mind Unfettered’ 獨立之精神, 自由之思想 in 1930, in reality, since 1989 at least, Tsinghua University can at best only claim a mixed — and at times markedly indifferent — record of achievement.

Following the online release of this Open Letter/ Petition on 31 March, the number of signatories increased exponentially. The response of the country’s ‘brittle political superego’ was relatively swift: within two days, evidence of the petition had been eliminated.

— Geremie R. Barmé
Editor, China Heritage
1 April 2019


  • As of 2 April 2019, the Petition had 273 signatories from Tsinghua University and 325 from various institutions in China and internationally.


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Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University
Voices of Protest & Resistance

(March 2019-)

Former Tsinghua President Mei Yi-chi’s credo. Source: National Tsinghua University, Taipei


Open Letter Demanding Tsinghua University Reinstate Professor Xu Zhangrun



(Everyone is welcome to sign this letter. It is permanently open and the list of signatories will be updated frequently)


To Tsinghua University and President Qiu Yong,


Upon learning that Professor Xu Zhangrun, an academic working in the School of Law at Tsinghua University, had been stripped by your estimable institution of all duties, banned from accepting any new students as well as forbidden from pursuing his teaching and research activities, we the undersigned were Shocked, Dumbfounded and Outraged.   

By their very nature universities are sanctuaries devoted to the pursuit of scholarship and intellectual freedom. They offer an assured homeland that nurtures and protects scholars and thinkers. Mei Yi-chi — the eternal president of Tsinghua University [who led the institution from 1931 to 1948], observed:

A real university is found not in grand buildings but in great scholars.
所謂大學者, 非謂有大樓之謂, 有大師之謂也。 

With a history that spans over one hundred years, Tsinghua University has been buffeted by the turbulence of the times. Despite those vicissitudes it has given us such Great Scholars as Wang Guowei, Liang Qichao, Chen Yinque and Zhu Ziqing. It is precisely when and because it has adhered to the dictum [articulated in a commemorative epitaph written in 1930 by Chen Yinque for Wang Guowei] championing the need for ‘A Spirit Unfettered and a Mind Independent’ and vouchsafe scholastic independence and intellectual freedom that it has been able to reach the very pinnacle of Chinese scholarship and learning. 

In pursuing his research on China’s political, economic and social realities, and in publishing his findings, Professor Xu Zhangrun has embodied the expectations held for any university professor. His work is also a powerful reflection of a profound concern for the People of China and his abiding anxiety over the Fate of the Nation. The free and independent expression of scholastic opinions is the very thing that allows Tsinghua University to enjoy a reputation for scholastic preeminence. In stripping Professor Xu of his right to work at the very institution that employs him not only betrays Tsinghua’s worthy tradition of academic independence, it also directly contravenes both the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and the Teachers’ Law [adopted in 1993]. 

Your act is a blatant betrayal of Academic Independence, the spirit of which enlivens Tsinghua University’s scholastic traditions. Moreover, it is at odds with the university’s own motto of ‘Self-Discipline and Social Commitment’ 厚德載物, 自強不息. Your action has led a broad constituency of Tsinghua graduates, as well as the men and women of China’s intellectual and academic worlds, to resile in a mood of grievous concern and dejection. With this act you give us all just cause to be fearful for the academic and humanistic environment of China today.

We would like to know exactly what ‘Serious Breaches’ were committed by Professor Xu Zhangrun to give you, Tsinghua University, an excuse to suspend his teaching and academic duties while also allowing you license to subject him to a formal disciplinary investigation? Your behaviour has been arbitrary, underhanded and reckless. It also permits you cover to pursue action against a member of faculty even before a formal conclusion has been reached in regard to him. By so doing you are perpetrating an odious injustice against a teacher who has devoted his life to learning, a scholar whose research is justly celebrated and a man who has demonstrated at every turn a profound involvement with and concern for this Nation and its Peoples.

We decry the decision made by Tsinghua University in the strongest possible terms!

We furthermore demand that you immediately:

  • Allow Professor Xu to resume his pedagogical activities;
  • Cease and desist from any and all punitive actions against him; and
  • Offer a public account of what this is really all about.

We can only hope that you, Tsinghua University, can somehow remind yourselves of the outstanding traditions of your own institution and thereby ensure that you are up to the task of protecting the research endeavours, as well as the academic and intellectual independence and freedom, not only of Professor Xu Zhangrun but of all members of faculty and all students at Tsinghua.

Signed by … [see below]

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Original Chinese Text and Signatories:



闻悉清华大学法学院许章润教授因言被贵校撤销所有职务、 停止一切招生、授课和科研活动, 我们感到震惊、不解、愤怒。

大学是学术和思想自由的殿堂,是孕育和保护学者、思想家的家园。 清华永远的校长梅贻琦先生曾说:“所谓大学者,非谓有大楼之谓也, 有大师之谓也。” 清华大学建校百余年来虽历经风雨, 却仍产生了王国维、梁启超、陈寅恪、朱自清等几代大师。 皆因其坚持“独立之精神,自由之思想”的宗旨,一向高举维护学术独立、 精神自由的大旗, 才能位居中国学术界、知识界的金字塔顶端。

许章润先生对国家的政治、经济、社会现象进行研究,发表评论, 实属其大学教授的本职, 也是他忧国忧民的体现。发表自由的学术观点当是清华创建一流大学的前提。 清华大学剥夺许章润教授的工作权力, 不仅有违学术自由的传统,也违反了中华人民共和国宪法和教师法。 清华大学此举,背离了清华一向倡导的 “学术独立” 的传统精神, 也和 “厚德载物,自强不息” 的清华校训不符, 令广大清华学子和知识界、 学术界扼腕叹息,并为中国的学术和人文环境深深担忧。

不知许章润教授做出了何种 “严重的错误行为”,导致清华大学对其做出了停课停职、 进行审查的决定?这种遮遮掩掩、轻率武断, 未有结论先有处分的做法,是对一位献身教育、学术严谨、 深切关注国家和民族命运的学者的极大的不公。我们对清华大学 所做的决定坚决反对。 我们要求:立即恢复许章润教授工作, 停止一切迫害行动, 并向社会说明事实真相。

希望清华大学能够牢记自己的优秀传统,保护许章润先生以及其他清华教师学生的研究、 学术和思想的独立和自由。


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  1. 人民大学78级鲁难
  2. 人民大学78级李亚平
  3. 人民大学81级何宾
  4. 人民大学96级余礼
  5. 北京大学84级罗新
  6. 复旦九二博士朱学勤
  7. 北大八五研娄建
  8. 北大哲学系77级陶云
  9. 北京公民黄以平
  10. 北大哲学84楼新跃
  11. 南开大学93级刘涛立
  12. 北京大学73级周宁
  13. 兰州大学79级汪青春
  14. 北京大学八五级研傅正明
  15. 北师大中文系莫莉花
  16. 北大法律系82薛扶民
  17. 人民大学78级王毅
  18. 人民大学90研喻毛生
  19. 南开八七级博冯崇义
  20. 北大哲学系77级乔雪松
  21. 人民大学78级耿建跃
  22. 北京律师蔺其磊
  23. 北京独立学者朱奇
  24. 河北公民张晓林
  25. 深圳律师魏水平
  26. 传媒大学85级凌幼娟
  27. 人民大学八六博荣剑
  28. 厦门大学91级李丽莉
  29. 科大87研张树义
  30. 北京大学82级赵斌
  31. 北大教师曲小燕
  32. 杭州大学87级王根强
  33. 人民大学78级杨伯元
  34. 上海经贸大学89级于淼
  35. 同济大学85研赵敏
  36. 人大法律92硕钱炜
  37. 电子科技大学82级孙庆华
  38. 兰州大学91级王建勋
  39. 北大96哲学研刘晓峰
  40. 上海科大80级倪学敏
  41. 西安交通大学86级吕建如
  42. 北京市公民查建国
  43. 中国地质大学85级王西川
  44. 人民大学91级李芳
  45. 北京大学84级莫宇
  46. 宁夏银川陈晓昶
  47. 上海市普陀区卓晓晨
  48. 重庆公民李欣
  49. 上海交通大学法学教授高全喜
  50. 上海交通大学81级张晓东
  51. 北京大学85级于波
  52. 西安交通大学81级刘永全
  53. 北京公民胡佳
  54. 华东师大85级李剑虹
  55. 中国青年政治学院原教师张勇进
  56. 浙江律师杨昉汀
  57. 北京大学七八级郑棣
  58. 河北公民张若尘
  59. 中国社科院经济研究所韩朝华
  60. 华东师大七八级蔡抗
  61. 北京大学77级查建英
  62. 美国历史系留学生王子丰
  63. 原北京大学经济学教授夏业良
  64. 华东师大七七级梁晓燕
  65. 人大七七级金向东
  66. 前媒体人李冰
  67. 人民大学八八级马建红
  68. 深圳大学83级黄旻
  69. 旅美獨立法律學人吳東發
  70. 上海财大78级邵青锋
  71. 北方交通大学73级王晓林
  72. 北大八七级李英之
  73. 新西兰留学生白语丹
  74. 上海公民关东
  75. 华东师范大学萧延中
  76. 北大81级张巨
  77. 兰州大学77级刘自强
  78. 诗人陈腾
  79. 厦门大学13级田俊
  80. 北京大学77级张炜
  81. 复旦大学83级研冯正虎
  82. 北京市公民于向真
  83. 深圳刘英凯
  84. 哈尔滨工业大学56级郭莹
  85. 浙江大學研78級刘明
  86. 人民大学78级潘佐红
  87. 北京大学法律系85级李颖民
  88. 兰州大学77级经济系张义
  89. 兰州大学77级经济系于泽俊
  90. 南开大学87级博冯崇义
  91. 兰州大学77级经济系薛建华
  92. 兰州大学78级经济系毛松柏
  93. 北京师范大学78级王祝丰
  94. 湖北人权悍卫者尹旭安
  1. 81级潘荣根
  2. 清华大学81级徐彬
  3. 清华大学88级余勇
  4. 清华大学89级唐春林
  5. 清华大学81级琚诒光
  6. 清华大学81级张会来
  7. 清华大学81级刘筱
  8. 清华大学81级范雪彤
  9. 清华大学81级洪强
  10. 清华大学81级修黎明
  11. 清华大学81级武文辉
  12. 清华大学87级杨璟
  13. 清华大学81级田光辉
  14. 清华大学88级熊冰
  15. 清华大学81级陈宗院
  16. 清华大学81级万洪
  17. 清华大学81级娄玉麟
  18. 清华大学81级杨滨
  19. 清华大学计研6顾玉新
  20. 清华大学81级高云松
  21. 清华大学77级张骥
  22. 清华大学81级颜迎潮
  23. 清华大学79级王音波
  24. 清华大学68级丁正明
  25. 清华大学88级陈玉宇
  26. 清华大学85级任闯
  27. 清华大学88级武敬群
  28. 清华大学88级高朗
  29. 清华大学88级茹会文
  30. 清华大学81级陆光焰
  31. 清华大学84级胡伟民
  32. 清华大学63级陈国雄
  33. 清华大学63级叶婉丽
  34. 清华大学64级阎淮
  35. 清华大学60级孙怒涛
  36. 清华大学64级刘守圭
  37. 清华大学退休教师秦晖
  38. 清华大学84级郑耘
  39. 清华大学64级卢伟林
  40. 清华大学64级傅胜初
  41. 清华大学64级马凯梅
  42. 清华大学65级周家琮
  43. 清华大学64级王克斌
  44. 清华大学64级郝迳
  45. 清华大学61级陆元吉
  46. 清华大学64级张肖蝶
  47. 清华大学60级王永年
  48. 清华大学64级王嵩梅
  49. 清华大学64级刘光曼
  50. 清华大学65级苏鹏声
  51. 清华大学64级常伟
  52. 清华大学64级黄仲汉
  53. 清华大学72级张喜英
  54. 清华大学60级张竞明
  55. 清华大学63级徐耀寰
  56. 清华大学62级唐迺泳
  57. 清华大学65级章鸿猷
  58. 清华大学64級胡小胡
  59. 清华大学65级方莉莎
  60. 清华大学82级徐金喜
  61. 清华大学81级刘国庆
  62. 清华大学63级吴涤非
  63. 清华大学79级郭铁勋
  64. 清华大学81级祁俊
  65. 清华大学85研林艺萌
  66. 清华大学83级高立勤
  67. 清华大学81级罗凡
  68. 清华大学86级王少敏
  69. 清华大学81级张学锋
  70. 清华大学81级叶忻
  71. 清华大学64级郭绍华
  72. 清华大学64级韩素霞
  73. 清华大学63级吴学民
  74. 清华大学65级于火
  75. 清华大学63级林海
  76. 清华大学65级徐春锡
  77. 清华大学64级郭福鑫
  78. 清华大学81级李强
  79. 清华大学自仪21邹宝庆
  80. 清华大学82级周自陆
  81. 清华大学社会学系教授郭于华
  82. 清华大学82级张跃杰
  83. 清华大学81级徐怀世
  84. 清华大学99级MBA周宏宇
  85. 清华大学81级娄天春
  86. 清华大学82级代毅
  87. 清华大学81级刘凯
  88. 清华大学79级宁子立
  89. 清华大学82级张一凡
  90. 清华大学法博08级亓同惠
  91. 清华大学82级熊斌
  92. 清华大学82级张宇
  93. 清华大学63级樊程
  94. 清华大学63级刘寿和
  95. 清华大学56级黄曼青
  96. 清华大学63级朱永沛
  97. 清华大学64级连果义
  98. 清华大学65级王振先
  99. 清华大学62级王思庆
  100. 清华大学65级高忆陵
  101. 清华大学64级顾全坤
  102. 清华大学58级曾大雄
  103. 清华大学64级薛锋
  104. 清华大学63级曾文龙
  105. 清华大学64级沈小蓉
  106. 清华大学65级王允方
  107. 清华大学63级刘尚培
  108. 清华大学63级朱德义
  109. 清华大学60级杨文轩
  110. 清华大学63级宾士中
  111. 清华大学64级龚文忠
  112. 清华大学61级谢引麟
  113. 清华大学62级王茵
  114. 清华大学61级冯钧
  115. 清华大学62级王宝珍
  116. 清华大学61级黄安妮
  117. 清华大学64级张雪梅
  118. 清华大学63级李桂林
  119. 清华大学64级李超靖
  120. 清华大学63级吕述祖
  121. 清华大学60级黄福清
  122. 清华大学61级傅鸿平
  123. 清华大学59级杨继宏
  124. 清华大学61级陈雨沛
  125. 清华大学61级郭璐
  126. 清华大学63级邹启光
  127. 清华大学63级钟勇生
  128. 清华大学57级陈中平
  129. 清华大学63级孙乃渝
  130. 清华大学65级计欣华
  131. 清华大学54级高越农
  132. 清华大学88级许耀武
  133. 清华大学80级叶苹
  134. 清华大学82级张宇
  135. 清华大学81级陈宏
  136. 清华大学81级管爱国
  137. 清华大学81级刘彤