An Open Letter to the President of Tsinghua University

Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University
Voices of Protest & Resistance (VII)


An Open Letter to Tsinghua University

5th of April 2019

Dr. Qiu Yong
President, Tsinghua University

Dear President Qiu,

Tsinghua University, one of the most highly ranked universities in the world, has suffered severe damage to its academic reputation as a consequence of the university’s punishment of Professor Xu Zhangrun.

As members of the international academic community, we urge the university to restore Professor Xu’s normal status in the university, including his teaching and research duties, and to refrain from any further sanctions against him.


  • To sign this letter, please email your name and affiliation to:

  • This letter is open until the 19th of April 2019, after which it will be sent to Tsinghua University. It will also be made public.
  • Please circulate this letter to friends, colleagues and professional networks.

Initial signatories:

Andrew J. Nathan
Columbia University, USA

Geremie R. Barmé
The Australian National University

Steven I. Levine
University of Montana, USA

Perry Link
University of California, Riverside

Ian Buruma
Bard College

Orville Schell
Asia Society

Jean-Philippe Béja
(Centre de Recherches Internationales), Paris

Institution names are for identification purposes only.

For the first list of signatories from 5-12 April, see here.

Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University
Voices of Protest & Resistance

(March 2019-)