Liu Chan’s Memorial for the Departed

The Other China   Ten years ago, in late 2012, we published The Five Vermin 五蠹 Threatening China, which was a translation of ‘Where Are the Real Threats to China?’ 中國真正的挑戰在哪裡 by Yuan Peng 袁鵬.… Read

Xi Jinping’s Harvest — from reaping Garlic Chives to exploiting Huminerals

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Appendix XXXI 人礦   ‘We are little people knaves the black haired scum your children grandchildren tufts of grass little dogs and cats a gang of liumang [流氓] the cretinous crowds the great masses the hundred surnames and we feel oh-so-lucky extremely moved exceedingly uneasy terribly embarrassed so very pleased boundlessly enthusiastic very very overwhelmed by our good fortune grateful as all get out tears o’fill our eyes our hearts swell like the seas and we’re utterly and thoroughly lost for words.’… Read

Chinese Time — the struggle of memory against forgetting

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Chapter XXIII, Part II 忘卻的紀念   It is five years since we announced the launching of China Heritage at the end of a speech titled Living with Xi Dada’s China — Making Choices and Cutting Deals and published A Monkey King’s Journey to the East, the inaugural article in our online journal.… Read

Chinese Time — More New Ghosts, Same Old Dreams

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Chapter XXIII, Part I 新鬼舊夢   The theme of ‘Chinese Time’, a two-part chapter in Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium published on the first two days of 2023, is the tension between forgetfulness and memory.… Read

As If: Australia-China at Fifty

Xi Jinping’s Empire of Tedium Chapter XXVIII, Part II 檄   The month of December in 1972 brought to a culmination a process that had unfolded during ‘the coup year’ of 1971.… Read