In Memoriam — Pierre Ryckmans (Simon Leys)

An Early Lesson in New Sinology   Today, 11 August 2021, marks the seventh year since Pierre Ryckmans passed away. The following essay was composed to honour his memory and published in The China Story on 30 November 2015.… Read

Outside the Pigsty Looking In, Two Views

In 2019, the Fifteenth Day of the First Month 正月十五 falls on the 19th of February. It marks the first full moon of the Lunar New Year and it is a festive day generally known as Yuanxiao 元宵, literally ‘First Evening’.… Read

Sic transit gloria mundi — Ten Years of A Prosperous Age

Translatio Imperii Sinici It is a decade since the appearance in Chinese of the novel In an Age of Prosperity: China 2013 《盛世:中國、2013年》 (translated into English by Michael S. Duke and published under the title The Fat Years in 2011).… Read