The China Story and the Chinese Net at Capital M

On 8 March 2013, the writer and rock musician Kaiser Kuo hosted a conversation at Capital M in Beijing with Geremie R. Barmé, Director of the Australian Centre for China in the World, as part of the Capital Literary Festival. The recorded version of the conversation was posted by Sinica, the podcast site of Popup Chinese 泡泡中文, on 18 March. It is available here (the quality of the podcast is improved if earphones are used).

A similar exchange was held between Barmé and long-time Shanghai resident and specialist Dr Jonathan Hutt at the Shanghai International Literary Festival on 16 March.

A view of Zhengyang Men 正阳门 and Qian Men 前门 north to Tiananmen, from Capital M
A view of Zhengyang Men 正阳门 north to the Mao Mausoleum and Tiananmen, from Capital M

Material touched on in the conversation with Kaiser Kuo includes:

Telling Chinese Stories;
New Sinology 後漢學;
The China Story Lexicon; and,
I’m So Ronrey, a review of Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s Mao, The Untold Story.

Original link:

The China Story and the Chinese Net at Capital M, The China Story Journal, 21 March 2013