Morning Sun, directed and produced by Carma Hinton, Geremie R. Barmé and Richard Gordon; written by Barmé and Hinton, Boston: Long Bow Group, 2003

The Gate of Heavenly Peace, directed by Richard Gordon and Carma Hinton, Boston: Long Bow Group, 1995. Co-author, associate director and senior academic advisor


Papers on Far Eastern History, editor, 1990
East Asia History, editor, 1991-2006, issues 1-31
The China Story Journal, 2012-2016

Art Installations

‘Red Noise 红色噪音’, with Kong Yongqian, a mixed media installation designed for the foyer of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, for the exhibition ‘Mao Goes Pop‘, 1993

Hua biao,  Totems Poles Apart‘, with Sang Ye, designed for the Third Art Asia-Pacific Triennial at the entrance to the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 1999


‘Red Noise 红色噪音’, with He Yong, a stage show for the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT), at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, 1993 (restaged in Oxford)

Radio Interviews

NZ’s perch between US and China increasingly uncomfortable, RNZ Morning Report, 25 January 2017
On Hong Kong and ‘Chexit’, ABC Saturday Extra, 29 October 2016
On Martin Lee and Anson Chan, Radio New Zealand Morning Report, 20 October 2016
On Chinese cultural soft power in Australia, ABC Background Briefing, 16 October 2016
On South China Sea and rebuke, RNZ Morning Report, 12 October 2016
Why are we scared of China?, ABC Late Night Live, 7 September, 2016
Chinese Propaganda in Australia, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 20 August 2016
Asian Language War at the ANU, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 11 April 2016
China’s Golden Monkey, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 8 February 2016
On China & ANU — diplomats, adventurers, scholars, with William Sima, 666 ABC Canberra, 21 July 2015
China Watching, with Geoff Raby and Jennifer Hewitt, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 22 November 2014
Chinese Newspaper Calls Julie Bishop a ‘complete fool’, The World Today, ABC Radio National, 17 July 2014
Civilising China’s Internet, with Jeremy Goldkorn, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 6 November 2013
China Watch with Geremie Barmé, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 11 August 2012
In Conversation with Margaret Throsby, Midday, ABC Classic FM, 2 May 2012
China Update: Censorship and Prosperity, with Jeremy Goldkorn, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 5 September 2011
Olympic Games, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 9 August 2008
Traveller’s Tales: The Forbidden City, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 8 March 2008

TV Interviews

Malcolm Turnbull under pressure to tackle tough issues with China head on, 7.30 Report, ABC TV, 13 April 2016
Need to be cautious about benefits of China FTA, Lateline, ABC TV, 17 November 2014
Interview with Geremie Barmé, Director of the Australian Centre on China in the World at the ANU, Lateline, ABC TV, 16 November 2012
China has undermined its moral system, Lateline, ABC TV, 24 October 2011
The China Situation, with Paul Monk, Lateline, ABC TV, 10 April 2008


Inaugural CIW Lecture, 2011, online here.

Published Interviews (Chinese)

‘The Shadow Behind the Halo of June 4’ ‘六四’光環後的陰影, Contemporary 當代, Taipei, 1990:9: 79-95
‘Surviving a Theatre of the Absurd’ 荒誕大戲過來人, an interview by Lin Hui-feng, 中時晚報 (Taibei), 6 September 1988
‘Scars in the Mist’ 朦朧的傷痕, an interview by Wang Chih-cheng, 中時晚報 (Taibei), 13 October 1988
‘An Australian Scholar’s View of the Chinese Cultural Scene’ 澳國立大學白傑明侃中國文壇, 世界經濟導報 (World Economic Herald, Shanghai), 24 November 1986, p.15

Published Interviews and Newspaper Commentary

Leading Scholar Set to Open Chinese Studies Institute in Featherston, Jack Barlow, 7 October 2016

How a Chinese businessman is buying Hollywood, Peter Hartcher, The Canberra Times, 27 September 2016

Chinese influence runs deep to favour official Beijing policy, Greg Sheridan, The Australian, 10 September 2016

Q&AThe New York Times Sinosphere blog, 2015

On Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Prize, interview with Philippe Grangereau, Libération, 8 October 2010, at:

Online interview in The New Yorker, 29 September 2009, with Evan Osnos at:

‘The Boston Long Bow Group, Chai Ling and “The Gate of Heavenly Peace”: Geremie R. Barmé responds to “China Beat”’ at:, and linked to Danwei in Beijing on 27 April 2009

Online filmed interview, ‘The Crystal Palace’ related to my work on the Forbidden City in Beijing, at:, posted on 23 July 2008

‘Torching the Relay’, 4 May 2008, an interview-analysis of the 2008 International Olympic Torch Relay posted by the UC Irvine-based academic site China Beat at:

‘Sinology is not a dirty word’, interview in That’s Beijing, April 2008, see:

‘The revolution that failed: why Tiananmen was wasted’, interview article by Yvonne Preston, The Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 1990

Keynote Addresses

‘Living with Xi Dada’s China: Making Choices and Cutting Deals’, opening address and launch of China Heritage, Political Enchantments: Aesthetic practices and the Chinese state, conference at ANU House, Melbourne, 15 December 2016

‘On the Centenary of the 1911 Xinhai Revolution’, distinguished professorial address, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana, 13-14 October 2011.

‘The Fishing Terrace (Diaoyu Tai 釣魚臺), Reclusion and power in the post-imperial life of a Qing garden’, keynote address at the ‘Artful Retreat: Garden Culture of the Qing Dynasty’, Harvard University and Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, 13 November 2010.

‘Rival Elites’, closing keynote address, ‘Elites and their Rivals in China: yesterday, today and tomorrow’, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, 20 July 2010.

‘Worrying China & New Sinology’, 3 July 2008, keynote address, Asian Studies Association of Australia, Melbourne (available online at:

‘Beijing Reoriented, an Olympic Undertaking’, an opening address at the Chinese Studies of Association biennial conference, Brisbane, 27 July 2007 (subsequently published in an edited volume, see above).

‘More New Sinology’ (under the title: ‘Shared Values: a Sino-Australian cross-cultural conundrum’), keynote speech at the fiftieth anniversary meeting of the Australian Oriental Studies Association, at Sydney University, 3 December 2006.

‘Blogging in Prada’, keynote address to the Internet and China Symposium, Melbourne University, 3 November 2006.