Australia-China Agenda 2013

Agenda Papers 2013

Update on Australia-China Agenda 2013, 6 September 2013, on the eve of the Federal Election:

THE AUSTRALIAN Centre on China in the World (CIW) engages with the public and policy discussion of relations with the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese world more broadly. Australia-China Agenda 2013 is our contribution to this important election year and to the on-going consideration of the bilateral relationship.

The Australia-China relationship touches on virtually every aspect of our national life. A mature and beneficial engagement of such breadth and depth requires the leadership and support of government at all levels, as well as public stewardship, media understanding, educational enhancement and the strategic involvement of the business community.

Australia-China exchanges are also profoundly influenced by regional and bilateral relationships. Australia and China trade in goods as well as culture, politics and people, ideas and education, community and personalities.

In May this year, we announced the Australia-China Agenda 2013 Project, and published an initial essay by Carrillo Gantner (see below). Since the Prime Minister named a date for the Federal Election (7 September 2013), we have been publishing a series of agenda papers here.

Our hope is that Australia-China Agenda 2013 will bring to the attention of the public and the media, politicians and specialists some reflections and policy ideas authored by specialists with a professional interest and involvement in the bilateral relationship. It is the eve of the election and we have published twenty-five agenda papers to date. These can be read online or as downloadable PDF files (see below). In the coming weeks we will be seeking further reflections on the bilateral relationship by policy figures, academics and interested specialists. An edited volume of the papers will be produced in the coming months; it will also be available online and in a downloadable format.

Ryan Manuel, the co-ordinator and co-editor of the project, and I would like to express our thanks to all of our contributors for their timely, and thoughtful, papers.Geremie R. Barmé, Founding Director, CIW



Agenda Papers: