Twenty Views of Fragrant Harbour

‘Twenty Views of Fragrant Harbour by Lois Conner’ is the latest work in our ongoing consideration, and commemoration, of the British colony> territory> Chinese Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, 香港, literally ‘fragrant harbour’.… Read

Yau Ma Tei’s Hong Kong Rhapsody

As part of the official celebrations marking the twentieth anniversary of the 1997 hand-over, on 1 July 2017, Hong Kong and the world witnessed the head of China’s party-state-army 黨政軍 review troops of the People’s Liberation Army stationed in the former British colony.… Read

Cauldron 鼎

China Heritage commemorates the twentieth anniversary of mainland China extending suzerainty over Hong Kong with a series of translations, commentaries and art works. In the first in the series we start with a poem by the celebrated Hong Kong writer P.K.… Read


When Oliver Sacks learned that his ocular melanoma had returned after a period of what he called ‘intermission’, he said he wished for a ‘speedy dissolution’. In My Own Life Sacks describes the feelings experienced as a person gradually loses loved ones and friends.… Read