A Pride of Pekingese

Dog Days (I) In acknowledgement of the 2018 Wuxu Year of the Dog, which we ushered in with the essay Mondo Cane on Lunar New Year’s Day (the 16th of February), China Heritage is publishing ‘Dog Days’, a series of canine-themed articles, essays, translations and art works.… Read

Mondo Cane

The 2018 Year of the Dog
戊戌狗年 The Year of the Dog celebrates the positive attributes of the canine: loyalty, fearlessness, alertness, protection. Less admired are features of dogs that have gained metaphorical notoriety when talking about humankind, these traits include infighting, backstabbing, shit-eating, scavenging, disease and fawning.… Read

Watching & Warning

Watching China Watching (XIX) In Saying the Unsayable we noted that China first essayed the global reach of its United Front strategy during the international leg of the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay.… Read

Saying the Unsayable

Watching China Watching (XVIII) It is ten years since China’s 2008 ‘Olympic Year’. The international media anticipated that the XXIXth Olympiad to be held in Beijing in August that year would signify China’s true ‘coming out’ on the world stage.… Read