Singing for Hong Kong

Hong Kong Apostasy 紐西蘭歌唱香港   Previously, Hong Kong, The Best China series has featured the unofficial anthem and protest song ‘Bring Back the Glory of Hong Kong’ 願榮光歸香港, along with an interview with its composer.… Read

A Protracted People’s Struggle

Hong Kong Apostasy   The leader of the Chinese People’s Republic, Xi Jinping, came of age at a time when political struggle not only suffused every aspect of the nation’s life, it was advocated, glorified and reveled in by the rulers.… Read

An Anthem to Restore Hong Kong

Hong Kong Apostasy   ‘Sons and daughters of Hong Kong,
Let us March together for what is right!
This is the Revolution of Our Times! …’ 同行兒女,為正義,時代革命⋯⋯ In streets shrouded in tear gas; in bustling malls throughout the territory; at sweat-soaked sports fields — no matter where you have been or what time of day or night it is, for the last two weeks these lines from ‘Bring Back the Glory of Hong Kong’ have echoed through crowds everywhere in our city, and they have touched us deeply.… Read