Rabbiting on with Lao Shu

The Other China


Lao Shu is the nom de plume of Liu Shuyong (劉樹勇, 1962-), a Beijing-based artist, writer, critic and professor in communications. His artistic voice is unique and personal, its tenor, whimsy and profundity evoke what for decades we have called ‘The Other China’ — a cultural noosphere that is as undeniably local as it is universal.

[Note: See The Whimsy and Wisdom of Lao Shu, in a summer of discontent, 12 August 2022.]

We marked the first day of the Lunar New Year in the company of Liu Chan 劉蟾 (see A Protection Mantra for the Year of the Rabbit, 22 January 2023). Here we celebrate the second day of the Year of the Rabbit with Lao Shu.

In their art and personal style both artists speak to us from The Other China.

— Geremie R. Barmé
Editor, China Heritage
23 January 2023

Second Day of the First Month of the
Guimao Year of the Rabbit


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Would love to send you some Pfizer,
But I have neither power nor connections.
What else might possibly be appropriate?
— A baby white rabbit by express mail.


Lao Shu 老樹
17 January 2023



So starts yet another year,
Time for felicitous phrases:

Steer clear of fuck wits and
Find fellowship with the good.
Apply yourself to your work,
But set aside time to chill.

May you be free of illness
And have money to spare.
Spring doth stir the heart
As this new year begins.


Lao Shu 老樹
21 January 2023