New China Newspeak 新华文体

This lexicon entry consists of the following sub-sections:
  • Introduction
  • New China 新华
  • New Writing 新文体 and Popular Language 大众语
  • Party & Other Eight-legged Essays 党八股
  • Parody & its Enemies 反讽,恶搞,原味
  • The Spring & Autumn Style 春秋笔法
  • New China Newspeak 一言以兴邦,一言以丧邦
  • Faithfulness, Expressiveness & Elegance 信达雅
  •   Introduction 文體五百歲一變,書體五百歲一變
    ——龔自珍《秦漢石刻文錄序》 This essay, originally published in 2012, is a preliminary attempt to describe what, since the 1980s, some Chinese writers have identified as ‘New China Newspeak’.… Read


  • China Heritage, 2016-
  • China Heritage Annual (March 2017-)
  • A New Sinology Reader (forthcoming 2017)
  • The Story of the Stone, with John Minford and Annie Ren (forthcoming 2018)
  • The China Story, 2012-2016
  • China Heritage Quarterly (formerly China Heritage Newsletter), 2005-2012
  • Morning Sun, 2003
  • The Gate of Heavenly Peace, 1995
  • Films Morning Sun, directed and produced by Carma Hinton, Geremie R.… Read

    In Chinese

    This section of my curriculum vitæ lists Chinese-language essays, reviews and books published under the name 白杰明. Highlighted works can be downloaded in PDF format. See also ‘He’s Still Alive’ 他還活著, here.… Read


    China Heritage (including China Heritage, A New Sinology Reader and China Heritage Annual) ‘City of Sadness’, Editorial, China Heritage Annual 2016 (forthcoming 2017) Essays on How to Read, Verdicts, Loyalty, Manhua etc, in A New Sinology Reader (forthcoming 2017) The Gate of Darkness, China Heritage, 4 June 2017 Child’s Play — 1st of June, China Heritage, 1 June 2017 The Double Fifth and the Archpoet, China Heritage, 30 May 2017 Memory Holes, old & new, China Heritage, 29 May 2017 Bathing Baby Buddha, China Heritage, 3 May 2017 顛倒 Downside Up — the art of Lois Conner, China Heritage, 20 April 2017 In the Shade 庇蔭, China Heritage, 4 April 2017 Spring Lustration 脩禊 — a pavilion, a calligrapher and eternity, China Heritage, 29 March 2017 The Dragon Raises its Head, China Heritage, 27 February 2017 The End of the Beginning 元宵, China Heritage, 11 February 2017 The Year of the Rooster, On Eating, Injecting, Imbibing & Speaking, China Heritage, 25 January 2017 The Year of the Rooster, On Seeing, China Heritage, 19 January 2017 The Year of the Rooster, On Reading, China Heritage, 15 January 2017 A Golden Monkey’s Journey to the East, China Heritage, published on 1 January 2017 On Heritage 遺, China Heritage, published on 15 December 2016 ‘The Art of Affinities 藝海因緣, to Celebrate Lois Conner and Zhang Peili 张培力’, 26 August 2016 ‘ANU, Lei Xiying 雷希颖 and an Online Video, a letter to the Vice-Chancellor’, 15 August 2016 ‘Remembering Igor: Our Secret History’, 6 August 2016 ‘Australia and China in the World: Whose Literacy’, 15 July 2011, The Inaugural Annual Lecture of the Australian Centre on China in the World, online at:… Read