Other People’s Thoughts, XVIII

Other People’s Thoughts is a section in the Journal of the China Heritage site. It is inspired by a compilation of quotations put together by Simon Leys (Pierre Ryckmans), one of our Ancestors, during his reading life.… Read

Those Who Would Love

Viral Alarm   Xu Jinchuan (徐錦川, 1960-) is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. The following essay, titled ‘Those Who Love’ 那些愛著的人們, appeared on 15 November 2020 in the series ‘Xu Jinchuan’s Reading Life’ 徐錦川的讀書生活.… Read

‘Adieu, China!’ — Jianying Zha’s Long Farewell

Spectres & Souls   The following exchange between Jianying Zha 查建英 and Katō Yoshikazu 加藤嘉一 stands as the introduction to Freedom Is Not Free — A New Decameron, the record of a conversation between the two writers — one from China, who is an American, and the other from Japan, who has been a long-term resident of China — that took place in Beijing over a ten-day period in August 2018 (although the authors made additions to the text that reflected their views of the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Uprising).… Read

A Trumpty Dumpty Denouement — 6 November 2020

Viral Alarm   This chapter of Viral Alarm — China Heritage Annual 2020 forms a bookend of sorts with ‘A Golden Monkey’s Journey to the East’, the essay with which we launched China Heritage on 1 January 2017.… Read