‘The Stone Monkey’ — a diversion during a plague

Viral Alarm ‘The Stone Monkey’ was translated by Herbert Allen Giles and included in his Chinese Fairy Tales, originally published in 1911. It is based on a famous episode in Journey to the West 西遊記, also known in English as Monkey, a sixteenth-century novel by Wu Cheng’en 吳承恩.… Read

Professor Guo Yuhua on the Poison in China’s System

Guo Yuhua (郭於華, 1956-) is a prominent scholar in the Sociology Department of Tsinghua University. She was one of the first people to speak out in protest against the overt official persecution of her colleague Xu Zhangrun 許章潤, a professor of law at Tsinghua, from March 2019.… Read

Xu Zhangrun, ‘Viral Alarm — When Fury Overcomes Fear’ (Revised Translation)

In July 2018, the Tsinghua University professor Xu Zhangrun published an unsparing critique of the Chinese Communist Party and its Chairman of Everything, Xi Jinping. In it Xu warned of the dangers of one-man rule, the threats posed by an increasingly sycophantic bureaucracy and putting politics ahead of professionalism, as well as the myriad of other problems that the system would encounter if it resisted further substantive economic and political reforms and instead continued along its present path.… Read

2019-nCoV — A Teaching Moment, Spring Term 2020

The following remarks were addressed to senior high school students by a Chinese Language teacher at the Linyin Campus of High School No.7 in Chengdu, Sichuan province 四川成都七中林蔭校區 as schools opened in the second week of February after an extended Spring Festival holiday occasioned by the outbreak of the coronavirus (2019 novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province.… Read