China’s Art of Containment

‘Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World’ opened at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York on 6 October. The show, which features work from the late 1980s up to (and in some cases beyond) 2008 — the year of the Beijing Olympics — was controversial.… Read

Who’s on First?

China’s Successive Failures In this age of deadly burlesque — one that brings to mind the 1930s and the atomised politics of great power conflict, class resentment, clashing ideologies, racism and economic injustice — it seems timely to offer a burlesque work from that earlier time.… Read

The Unbuilt Wall of Sorrow

On the Centenary of the Russian Revolution   The 7th of November 2017 marks the official commemoration of the centenary of the Russian Revolution. *** This third instalment of The Best China section of China Heritage features another essay from the ‘Ways of the World’ 世道人生, a column by the Hong Kong writer Lee Yee 李怡 published by Apple Daily 蘋果日報.… Read

What’s New About Such Thinking?

The Best China, II China Heritage celebrated the 1st of October National Day of the People’s Republic of China by introducing the work of Lee Yee 李怡 (李秉堯), a celebrated essayist and political analyst.… Read