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Wairarapa Readings celebrate the variety and vibrancy of China’s literary heritage, and living culture. They introduce texts of various kinds and translations aimed at students of China interested in the world beyond the narrow confines of contemporary institutional pedagogy.

The following school assignment, including a teacher’s evaluation and grade, has been circulated on the Chinese Internet. It offers a pen-portrait of three very different personal aspirations.

— The Editor
China Heritage
30 April 2018

My Dream



I dream of being a pirate when I grow up, so I can rob those Capitalists, Bankers, local Robber Barons… … . I’ll give the money I take to the poor, so they can have houses and cars, and enjoy a happy life.


Teacher’s Comment: Not a bad dream at all!
When you make a success of it,
don’t forget your teacher! Go for it!

By the way, keep an eye on that deskmate of yours:
his dream is to be a Policeman!

Grade: 100

An Assignment, a Teacher’s Evaluation, a Warning and a Grade

— translated by Geremie R. Barmé