Six Chapters — One Hundred and Twenty Years

該內容僅提供英文版。 Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University    It is three years to the day since we inaugurated China Heritage by publishing the essay ‘A Monkey King’s Journey to the East’. In our discussion of the incoming president of the United States of America we observed that: The Chinese Communist Party under its Chairman of Everything, Xi Jinping, hasn’t had to confront such an erratic and populist leader since Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution fifty years ago.… 閱讀

Dust and Spring in Beijing

該內容僅提供英文版。 Xu Zhangrun vs. Tsinghua University   The following essay by Xu Zhangrun has been translated with the author’s permission. *** In His Dark Materials — a trilogy by the novelist Philip Pullman — the concept of ‘Dust’ or ‘Rubashov Particles’ is used to indicate consciousness and independent thought.… 閱讀

Talking to My Mother About Hong Kong

該內容僅提供英文版。 Hong Kong Apostasy   Yangyang Cheng is a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University, and a member of the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Born and raised in China, Cheng gained a Bachelor degree in Science from the University of Science and Technology of China’s School for the Gifted Young and, in 2015, she completed a doctorate in Physics at the University of Chicago. … 閱讀

Superfluous Words

該內容僅提供英文版。 Hong Kong Apostasy   The veteran journalist and commentator Lee Yee has been writing about Hong Kong’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China for over forty years. During the Hong Kong Uprising of 2019 he has expressed his views, his concerns and anguish, in the regular column that he contributes to Apple Daily, a leading independent media outlet in the city.… 閱讀