A City Murdered

  • Nanking’s ‘Government of Traitors’, 1940-1945
  • The Nanking Atrocity and Chinese Historical Memory
  • Yuan Tengfei on the Nanking Massacre
  • First-hand Account
  • A Sociological Survey of Nanking After the Massacre
  • From Tenderness to Savagery in Seconds
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    At War’s End: an academic GI in Nanking

    Frederick W. Mote In the following, the noted historian F.W. Mote describes his arrival in Nanjing as a U.S. Army interpreter shortly following the Japanese surrender; popular attitudes towards Japan and the puppet administration of Wang Jingwei in the immediate aftermath of the occupation; and, his experiences as a history student at the University of Nanking in 1947-1948.… Read