Sixteen Enlightening Chapters (click on a title to go to the relevant chapter)
  • MEI YOU(没有) Not Have
  • BU ZAI(不在) Not Present/ To Be Out
  • BU XING (不行) Not Possible/ Out of the Question
  • MEI YOU WEN TI(没有问题) No Problem
  • DENG YI XIA (等一下) Wait A Moment
  • MEI YOU BAN FA (没有办法) No Way/ No Way Out
  • MEI YOU GUAN XI (没有关系) It Doesn’t Matter/ There is No Relationship
  • HAO(好) Good
  • CHI FAN, XIU XI(吃饭,休息) Eat, Rest
  • MEI YI SI (没意思) Not of Interest
  • YOU YI SI (有意思) Of Interest
  • BU TAI QING CHU(不太清楚) Not Too Clear
  • KE YI (可以) Allowable/ Acceptable/ Possible
  • DUI BU QI (对不起) Sorry/ To Excuse Oneself
  • BU ZHI DAO(不知道) Do Not Know
  • BU YAO KE QI(不要客气) No Need To Be Polite
  • Chapter 1: MEI YOU (没有) Not Have
  • There are none.
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    Fable 故事

    GUSHI (故事) Story/Brief Introduction/Fable Ancient China produced many Emperors, some Great, some Hopeless and sollie ma-ma-hu-hu (马马虎虎, horse-horse-tiger-tiger). During Great Dynasties, Peace prevailed and many Useful and Productive goods were Invented, such as Gunpowder and Paper, which are prominent Around the World even today.… Read

    Introduction 沒有

    MEI YOU (没有) Not Have It is always said; and it’s usually true that MEI YOU is the first phrase a visitor learns in China. So often is MEI YOU heard, it may be the only Chinese phrase many visitors remember.… Read

    The Man with the Key

    管钥匙的人不在 Karin Malmstrom & Nancy Nash In 1990, writing under the names Xiao Mao and Nan-tzu, Karen Malmstrom and Nancy Nash published a booklet that, the authors remarked, provided ‘a key to what they really mean in China’.… Read