Mid Autumn, Geng Xiaonan & National Treasures

該內容僅提供英文版。 A New Sinology Jotting The Fifteenth Day of the Eighth Month of the lunar calendar, a day that in 2021 falls on the 21st of September, marks the Mid Autumn Festival 中秋節.… 閱讀

On This Day: 11 September 2021, a commemoration in three chapters

該內容僅提供英文版。 Spectres & Souls This chapter in China Heritage Annual 2021, the theme of which is ‘Specters & Souls — Vignettes, moments and meditations on China and America, 1861-2021’, is reprinted from ‘Max’, Unf*cking the Republic Newsletter, 9/11 2021.… 閱讀

Two Plus Two Equals Five—China’s New Math

該內容僅提供英文版。 Spectres &  Souls The following essay by Simon Leys was published in early 1987, in the wake of student demonstrations that, having originated in Hefei, the provincial capital of Anhui, rocked Shanghai in December-January 1986.… 閱讀