Xmas 2021 — Crumpet, the Low-key Elf, and Christmas Freud

該內容僅提供英文版。 Spectres & Souls The 23rd of December 2022 will mark thirty years since ‘Santaland Diaries’ featured on Morning Edition on National Public Radio. In 1992, I split my time between Canberra, where I had a postdoctoral fellowship at the Australian National University, the People’s Republic of China, where friends flourished once more in the midst of a phantasmagoria, and Boston, where I was working on a film about the 1989 Beijing Uprising.… 閱讀

History as Boredom — Another Plenum, Another Resolution, Beijing, 11 November 2021

該內容僅提供英文版。 Spectres & Souls Shortly after the demise of Mao Zedong in September 1976, Simon Leys observed that: ‘…in a normal everyday situation where “his giant’s wants prevent him from walking”, any Great Leader worth his salt has a strong tendency to stir up artificial gales in order to get some wind back under his pinions.… 閱讀