Lessons in New Sinology

In China Heritage we celebrate the vital aspects of the Chinese tradition both by introducing readers to Nouvelle Chinoiserie 奇趣漢學, as well as by adding to our long-term advocacy of New Sinology 後漢學, which we first articulated in 2005.… Read

Rings, Tracks, Bears

  • The Rings of Beijing
  • Tracks in the Snow
  • The Teddy Bear Chronicles
  • The Rings of Beijing Sang Ye 桑曄 and Geremie R. Barmé (GRB), The Rings of Beijing, Inside China’s Global Aura, an oral history account of China and the Chinese capital.… Read

    Watching China Watching

    In Watching China Watching we offer essays and reflections on studying the Chinese world and approaches to understanding the Chinese People’s Republic. Our method is underpinned by New Sinology. The men and women who taught us to engage with the Chinese world and to appreciate things Chinese in a holistic fashion were motivated and inspired by many things: their personal histories, a diverse range of interests, as well as a pressing necessity to watch (and to watch out for) China.… Read

    The Best China

    For many people in Hong Kong, that alienated Chinese territory, the double commemoration of National Day and Mid Autumn Festival in 2017 was a sombre one. On the 1st of October, we acknowledged that disquiet by launching a new series in China Heritage titled ‘Hong Kong, The Best China’ 香港, 最好的中國.… Read