Spectres & Souls

該內容僅提供英文版。 Vignettes, moments and meditations on
China and America, 1861-2021 We quoted this line from the I Ching in ‘On Heritage 遺’, an essay composed as the formal rationale underpinning China Heritage, an e-journal launched on 1 January 2017.… 閱讀

Viral Alarm

該內容僅提供英文版。 China Heritage Annual 2020 ‘Viral Alarm’ is the title of China Heritage Annual 2020. This series focuses on the COVID-19/ Coronavirus/ Wuhan Influenza epi- / pandemic and its significance both in China as well as in China in the world.… 閱讀

Xu Zhangrun 許章潤 Archive

該內容僅提供英文版。   Xu Zhangrun (許章潤, 1962-) was, until July 2020, a celebrated professor of law at Tsinghua University in Beijing. In a series of major essays published from early 2016 to early 2019, Professor Xu questioned at length, and in detail, the political, economic and cultural trajectory of the People’s Republic of China under Xi Jinping, the leader of the nation’s party-state-army.… 閱讀

Translatio Imperii Sinici

該內容僅提供英文版。 China Heritage Annual 2019   The topic of ‘Empire’ has enjoyed renewed debate among historians and political scientists for over a decade, and it has featured in our own work since the launch of China Heritage Quarterly in 2005 and through our advocacy of New Sinology 後漢學.… 閱讀