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Selected Essays and Translations by Duncan Campbell. China Heritage Quarterly
  • Orchid Pavilion: An Anthology of Literary Representations, China Heritage Quarterly, No. 17, March 2009
  • Xu Jilin 許紀霖, Historical Memories of May Fourth: Patriotism, but of what kind?,
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    New China Newspeak 新华文体

    This lexicon entry consists of the following sub-sections:
  • Introduction
  • New China 新华
  • New Writing 新文体 and Popular Language 大众语
  • Party & Other Eight-legged Essays 党八股
  • Parody & its Enemies 反讽,恶搞,原味
  • The Spring & Autumn Style 春秋笔法
  • New China Newspeak 一言以兴邦,一言以丧邦
  • Faithfulness, Expressiveness & Elegance 信达雅
  •   Introduction 文體五百歲一變,書體五百歲一變
    ——龔自珍《秦漢石刻文錄序》 This essay, originally published in 2012, is a preliminary attempt to describe what, since the 1980s, some Chinese writers have identified as ‘New China Newspeak’.… Read


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