The Tunnel

該內容僅提供英文版。 Chen Jo-hsi Early in July Nanking launched a ‘Good Men, Good Deeds’ movement and Master Hung, a retired worker, was selected by his neighborhood committee as a ‘Good Man’ and given the additional designation of ‘model old man.’… 閱讀

February 1972: Nixon’s Press Corps

該內容僅提供英文版。 尼克松的記者團 Chen Jo-hsi 陳若曦 The bugle calls blaring from the loudspeakers that greeted our arrival at school in the morning seemed to be louder and more insistent than usual. Just as we were wondering what it was all about, one of the teachers told us that an emergency meeting of all departments had been called.… 閱讀

June 1974: A Conversation with Four Historians

該內容僅提供英文版。 Frederic Wakeman, Jr. In June 1974, I spent a month in the People’s Republic of China as an interpreter and cultural advisor with the herbal pharmacology delegation from the United States Academy of Sciences.… 閱讀

The Tunnel

該內容僅提供英文版。 In 1969, the Taiwanese writer Ch’en Jo-hsi (陳若曦, b.1938) moved to Nanking with her family where she took up a teaching position at Hohai University 河海大學. She later wrote a number of short stories set in the Nanjing of the Cultural Revolution era.… 閱讀