April 1949: Nanking Liberated, in verse

The People’s Liberation Army Captures Nanking Mao Zedong April 1949 Over Chungshan swept a storm, headlong,
Our mighty army, a million strong, has crossed the Great River.
The City, a tiger crouching, a dragon curling, outshines its ancient glories;
In heroic triumph heaven and earth have been overturned.… Read

1966-1976: The Cultural Revolution in Nanking

325-1 南京文化大革命大事记(1966)
325-2 南京文化大革命大事记(1967上),https://nsfz2.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/325-2-南京文化大革命大事记(1967上)/ etc, etc….… Read

The Tunnel

Chen Jo-hsi Early in July Nanking launched a ‘Good Men, Good Deeds’ movement and Master Hung, a retired worker, was selected by his neighborhood committee as a ‘Good Man’ and given the additional designation of ‘model old man.’… Read