Light Returns 光復

The historian Peter Zarrow has attempted to identify just when China’s dynastic history ended and its republican era began: Symbolically, the Republic of China was founded several times. Self-chosen provincial representatives met in Nanjing and proclaimed the Republic on January 1, 1912.… Read

1925-1928: Enshrining the Father of the Republic

Rudolf G. Wagner The following study titled ‘Ritual, Architecture, Politics, and Publicity During the Republic: Enshrining Sun Yat-sen’ is reproduced with the kind permission of the author. It originally appeared in Jeffrey W.… Read

The Chungshan Mausoleum

Lin Yutang 林語堂 This second travel sketch is also from Lin’s ‘The Little Critic’ column in The China Critic, published on 31 January 1930. The title has been added. For more on Ernst Boerschmann, who is discussed in below, see Eduard Kögel, ‘Researching Ernst Boerschmann’, China Heritage Quarterly, no.24 (December 2010).… Read