The Australian Legation in Nanking

From July 1941 until October 1949, the Commonwealth of Australia maintained two diplomatic legations in the Republic of China. Frederic Eggleston, then one of Australia’s leading international relations theorists and an advocate who supported closer ties with Asia, was Minister of the first legation, located in the wartime capital of Chungking, until he was recalled in March 1944, and posted thereafter to represent Australia in Washington.… Read

Whither the Nanking Government?

Mao Zedong 南京政府向何处去? 4 April 1949 Two roads are open to the Nanking Kuomintang government and its military and administrative personnel. Either they cling to the Chiang Kai-shek clique of war criminals and its master, US imperialism, that is, continue to be the enemy of the people and so perish together with the Chiang Kai-shek clique of war criminals in the People’s War of Liberation.… Read

Farewell, Leighton Stuart!

Mao Zedong 别了,司徒雷登 18 August 1949 It is understandable that the date chosen for the publication of the US White Paper was 5 August, a time when Leighton Stuart[1] had departed from Nanking for Washington but had not yet arrived there, since Leighton Stuart is a symbol of the complete defeat of the US policy of aggression.… Read