2014: Where’s the Ancient City of Nanking Going?

南京最后的古城往何处去 姚远 Yao Yuan, who has born in Nanjing in 1981, has written extensively for the mainstream Chinese media about the threats to the architectural and cultural heritage of the city posed by developers, commercial ventures, Party programs and public neglect.… Read

2015: Mayor Bulldozer

In 2015, Ji Jianye 季建業, mayor of Nanjing from January 2010-October 2013, was sentenced to fifteen years gaol for graft. Ji was known as ‘Mayor Bulldozer’ 推土機市長 for the widespread destruction of heritage sites in the city, radical building and development plans that lead to the wholesale felling of many of the city’s beloved trees, and a politically driven commercialism that laid waste to as much as it created.… Read

1984: 面影

白杰明 In the early 1980s, I frequently visited Nanking where I was befriended by the playwright Chen Baichen 陳白塵 and the scholars Yang Yi 杨苡, the sister of Yang Xianyi, and Zhao Ruihong 赵瑞蕻.… Read

1987: The Gardens of Jiangnan

On Reading Tung Chuin’s A Record of the Gardens of Jiangnan http://www.chinaheritagequarterly.org/features.php?searchterm=020_huang_shang.inc&issue=020 Huang Shang 黃裳 Translated by Duncan Campbell Huang Shang is one of the most noted bibliophiles and book collectors of the People’s Republic.[1]… Read