The Hall of Deep Willows and Its Master

深柳大師與深柳堂 Wu Yankang 武延康 Translated by Frederick W. Mote 閒門向山處
深柳讀書堂 Editor’s Note The following is an account of the Jinping Buddhist Press, founded in Nanking following the depredations of the Lower Yangtze Valley, and the wholesale destruction of Buddhist monasteries, libraries and practice, during the pseudo-Christian Taiping Rebellion (1851-1865).… Read

A Record of the Garden of Folly

Translated by Zhu Yayun 朱亞雲 The site of the Garden of Follies, in the southwest of Nanjing, was first developed as a garden in the Song dynasty. It was originally called the Garden of the Phoenix Terrace 鳳台園.… Read