Tung Chuin on The Garden of Accommodation

Translated and Introduced by Duncan M. Campbell 《隨園考》童寯 著 The architectural engineer Tung Chuin (童寯, 1890-1983) was a long-time resident of Nanking. During his years living in the city he taught at various universities and became known also as one of the foremost garden historians of the twentieth century.… Read

Sui 隋

In the year 549 CE, the general Hou Jing (侯景, d.552) leads a rebellion and lays siege to Jiankang 建康, that is Jianye/ Jinling/ Nanking. The emperor Wu of Liang starves to death in the Terrace Citadel 臺城.… Read

The Dream in Nanking

Duncan Campbell translates a passage from the garden historian Tung Chuin 童寯 on speculation regarding the inspiration for Prospect Garden 大觀園, the site of so much of the action in the novel Dream of the Red Chamber.… Read

The Lament of the Lady of Qin

秦婦吟 Wei Zhuang
韋莊 Jinling or Jiangnan, the Nanking of our account, is often written about in terms of lost grandeur, devastation or faded glory. But in the following, Jinling appears at the end of the ‘Lament of the Lady of Qin’ as a refuge of peace, tranquility and good government.… Read