Dog Days (IV) ‘I Object’ is a poem that circulated on the Chinese-language Internet following the Lunar New Year. It appeared around the time that Beijing announced a proposed revision of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China that would open the way for the unlimited tenure of state leaders (see The Real Man of the Year of the Dog — Dog Days (III), China Heritage, 2 March 2018).… Read

The Real Man of the Dog Year

Dog Days (III) 戊戌男兒   In the series Watching China Watching in China Heritage we noted how modern leaders — from Sun Yat-sen, through Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Ching-wei 汪精衛 to Mao Zedong — availed themselves of the imagery of the country’s dynastic past.… Read

The Year 1971

The Best China (VIII) ‘Everything in China is under the leadership of the Communist Party: be it the party, state, army, civilian life or education; and everywhere as well, be it north, south, east, west or in the centre’ 黨政軍民學,東西南北中,黨是領導一切的.… Read

The Dog Lover

Dog Days (II) 尨吠奸而為奸 Dog Days is a series of essays, translations, artworks and ruminations related to the Lunar Year of the Dog (2018-2019). The second in the series features a story from the early Qing fiction writer Pu Songling (蒲松齡, 1640-1715), author of Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio 聊齋誌異.… Read