Sic transit gloria mundi — Ten Years of A Prosperous Age

Translatio Imperii Sinici It is a decade since the appearance in Chinese of the novel In an Age of Prosperity: China 2013 《盛世:中國、2013年》 (translated into English by Michael S. Duke and published under the title The Fat Years in 2011).… Read

The Year of the Pig Foretold

China Heritage foreshadows the 2019-2020 Year of the Pig 己亥豬年 with a New Year’s card designed by Callum Smith. Here, we use the sheathed bronze Pig’s head from Ai Weiwei’s ‘Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads’ to:
  • Reflect on the mainland Chinese regime of censorship and guided opinion that enters its seventieth year in 2019;
  • Recall the detention of the artist-writer Ai Weiwei in 2011 (see A View on Ai Weiwei’s Exit) and the plight of victims of state repression;
  • Remember people in- and outside China who, through their words and deeds, reject attempts to 鉗口結舌 qián kǒu jié shé — ‘seal mouths and knot tongues’; and,
  • Reconsider 2019, a year of historical commemoration, anniversaries and mourning.
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    My Puppy’s Death by Liu Xiaobo

    Dog Days (X)   We conclude our series of Dog Days, serialised over that past year in China Heritage and featured in New Sinology Jottings, with a poem about a humble animal whose cruel fate contributed to greatness.… Read