Democracy & The Future — 3 November 2020

Viral Alarm   We mark a consequential date on the global calendar by offering two songs by Leonard Cohen. Both ‘Democracy’ and ‘The Future’ featured in an album released in 1992 album.… Read

Celebrating the Egg-fried Rice Festival in West Korea

A New Sinology Jotting   Chinese festive foods have long been embraced by international cuisine. Spring rolls 春捲兒 chūn juǎn’r and dumplings 餃子 jiǎozi are eaten all year round and around the globe, and moon cakes 月餅 yuè bǐng enjoy a seasonal  popularity.… Read

Erewhon & Its Enemies

Prologue to Controversy *** One of the abiding interests of China Heritage is China’s ‘climate of cancellation’, that is the various ways in which ideas, individuals, peoples, histories and possibilities have, over time, been demonised, repressed, censored or eliminated by power holders and their institutions.… Read

Protesting the Wrongful Arrest of Geng Xiaonan in Beijing

Viral Alarm   On 20 October 2020, Voice of America reported that: Authorities in Beijing have detained an outspoken publisher and her husband on suspicion of running an “illegal business operation” after she made public her support for former Tsinghua University scholar Xu Zhangrun, a critic of China’s leaders who is now under house arrest.… Read