Doubtless and Clueless at Peking University

The Best China (XII)   The Chinese authorities were on high alert in the lead up to and during the celebration of May Fourth China Youth Festival in 2018. The date was also used to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Peking University and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, whose philosophy is officially espoused by the Communist party-state.… Read

Render Unto the Emperor

How Yongzheng Dealt with
His Christian Conundrum   Watching China Watching (XXIII)   As we noted in the introduction to The Christian Conundrum of Yongzheng (China Heritage, 13 April 2018), negotiations between the Vatican and Beijing on the future of the Catholic church in the People’s Republic of China have drawn attention to the contemporary echoes of late-dynastic religious policy.… Read

May Fourth at Ninety-nine

Watching China Watching (XXII)   The Fourth of May marks China’s annual National Youth Day 五四青年節. It is ostensibly a time to celebrate the enthusiasm and independent spirit of youth. It commemorates the progressive, anti-imperialist student activists who, in 1919, led a national movement to protest against the unfair treatment of the Republic of China at the Versailles Peace Conference.… Read

A One-minute Chinese Lesson

Wairarapa Readings   白水札記 Wairarapa Readings celebrate the variety and vibrancy of China’s literary heritage, and living culture. They introduce texts of various kinds and translations aimed at students of China interested in the world beyond the narrow confines of contemporary institutional pedagogy.… Read