For We Are Like Olives

Hong Kong Apostasy    This latest chapter in our series devoted to the 2019 Hong Kong Protest Movement features a powerful declamation published under the collective name ‘A Group of Concerned Hong Kong Citizens’.… Read

Freedom-Hi & #ProtestToo

Hong Kong Apostasy   Kitty Hung Hiu Han (洪曉嫻, 1989-) is an educator and writer and Lester Shum (岑敖暉, 1993-) is an activist and a former student leader currently serving as an assistant to Eddie Chu Hoi-dick (朱凱廸, 1977-), a prominent pro-democracy lawmaker.… Read

Cockroaches That Would Slay Dragons

Hong Kong Apostasy   In late-1970s Hong Kong, if you lived in a basement apartment and worked in a subterranean editorial office, like I did, you often heard the word gaat6 zaat6, the Cantonese term for ‘cockroach’.… Read

The Mission of Our Times in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Apostasy   The title of the following essay by the venerable Hong Kong political analyst Lee Yee 李怡 — ‘The Mission of Our Times’ 時代使命 — compresses two slogans that, in their origin and import, could not be more different.… Read