New Sinology Jottings

These works are in the style of ‘jottings’ 筆記 or 劄記, a genre familiar to readers of traditional Chinese prose. I call these essay ‘New Sinology Jottings’ 後漢學劄記 in keeping with the concept of New Sinology, the study of and engagement with the Chinese and Sinophone worlds that has its origins in the late-Ming dynasty.

Regard for cultural and literary traditions, be they living, imagined or confabulated, is not merely the concern of power-holders, gate-keepers or fundamentalists. The world of letters, and the ideas, writings and art works that connect the modern reader through a skein of words and sensibility to the past, is open to all. The essays, along with the poetry, art work and calligraphy, collected here reflect an approach to China’s present and past in which the key is ‘comprehensive understanding’ 通, and appreciation.

— The EditorChina Heritage