Envoi for Capital M 別了,前門米氏西餐廳

On Sunday, the 17th of September 2017, Capital M, a restaurant created by Michelle Garnaut in the Chinese capital city closed its doors for the last time at its unsurpassed Beijing venue: at Qianmen, on the southeast edge of Tiananmen Square (see the Capital M Announcement).… Read

Appendix II: For the Dead are Many 冤屈難伸

The spirits of those who have died unnatural deaths, in particular those killed as a result of the machinations of others, the cruelty of government or malice of a system beyond their control are known as Victim Ghosts 冤鬼 or 冤魂, short for 冤屈鬼魂.… Read

Demons Demonise Demons 妖魔化妖魔

Demonisation has been a feature of religious and political life in many societies over the ages. The ‘People of the Book’ (أهل الكتاب ′Ahl al-Kitāb; עם הספר Am HaSefer) — those who identify with the body of writings in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions — were masterful in demonising other belief systems, and persecuting their adherents.… Read

P.K.’s Strange Tales 也斯聊齋

Leung Ping-kwan 梁秉鈞 was a prominent Hong Kong poet and essayist, better known in his home city as Yah-see 也斯, Yesi in Mandarin. To most of his friends he was simply ‘P.K.’, an abbreviation for pak-gai 撲街 in Cantonese, literally ‘hit the street’, or ‘fuck off’.… Read